Tony Rotunno

Tony is an Executive leader with 46 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise that covers building facilities, optimizing operations, and supporting therapeutics developers from clinical to commercial scale. With deep experience in all facets of operations, revenue growth, and quality assurance,Tony has developed a strong track record in ensuring company and client success, with proven turnaround time and process improvement expertise that have resulted in expense reductionand increased EBITDA.

While serving as VP of U.S. manufacturing operations at Dendreon, Tony oversaw the construction and commissioning of two large-scale dedicated cell therapy manufacturing facilities. He guided the production of over 30,000 commercial lots, including the first approved personalized immunotherapy, Provenge, for men with prostate cancer. Tony’s ability to drive efficiency was exemplified at Dendreon, where he substantiallyreduced COGS during his tenure.

With his knowledge in manufacturing and specific cell therapy experience firmly established, Tony founded Lykan Bioscience, where, as CEO, he built and led a therapeutic manufacturing facility, and launched a CDMO focused on cell therapy manufacturing, making Tony an ideal part of the leadership team at OmniaBio, which is on track to become Canada’s largest specialized CDMO facility for cell and gene therapies.

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